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RECAP: Presidents Message - New RSM Chamber Forming

August 07, 2017 8:04 PM | Deleted user

As many of you know, the former RSM Chamber had begun to dissolve in June after the resignation of several board members along with outgoing Executive Director Suzanne Singh accepting another position. It was at this time that the Ladera Rancho Chamber of Commerce was asked if we would adopt and support the members of the RSM Chamber since the chamber would no longer exist. After much discussion, our board unanimously voted to help our neighbors and support the RSM business community because we felt it was the right thing to do. 

In the last month, a group comprised of former RSM Chamber Leaders and former RSM Chamber members have emerged and will be creating a new RSM Chamber of Commerce. As we understand it, this group has been working with the City of RSM and it appears that the city desires to have its own Chamber of Commerce. We have requested more details from this group but as of yet, we have not been given any information as to when this chamber will be operational, any detail as to what events they will support, or who will run the organization. We have however, been asked by this group's legal counsel to rescind our “adoption” of the former RSM Chamber Membership in order to make way for the new RSM chamber. We feel it is not our position to question these efforts and have decided to support the new RSM Chamber just as we always have. 

Effective immediately, the Ladera Rancho Chamber of Commerce will end its “adoption” of former RSM Chamber of Commerce members and make way for the new RSM Chamber. The LRCC has always had a great relationship with our neighbors and we will continue to be supportive of all neighboring businesses. Myself, Lori Schindler, Todd Stearns & newly appointed Director Jim Leach have enjoyed meeting all of you and welcome you to any of our future events.

We will temporarily suspend any renewals and new membership applications from RSM businesses and  former RSM Chamber Members are encouraged to join the new chamber. 

Former RSM Chamber members have these options:

Continue your LRCC Membership - you must reply to this email BEFORE COB Friday, 8/11 and say, "yes I will be keeping my LRCC membership"

Renewals processed between 6/1/17 and 8/8/17 - if you wish to OPT-OUT, please reply to this email and say "cancel my LRCC membership" BEFORE COB Friday 8/11. 

Discontinue LRCC Membership and join the new RSM Chamber - no action is required as your information will be removed from our site if we do not hear from you by COB Friday, 8/11.

If you are opting out and wish to attend our events, we welcome you and will be offering a discount to any active members with any of the following South County chambers: Mission Viejo, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest and RSM. Future events with this offer will be available for sign-up at www.laderaranchochamber.org/calendar

Upcoming Events & Event Changes

8/8 - Modern Professionals @ Cinepolis - will continue as scheduled

8/12 - Ribbon Cutting: Camp Opie Dog Daycare - will continue as scheduled - City of RSM will handle ceremonies

8/15 - Lunch Networking Mixer w/Special Video Marketing Presentation - no change

8/19 - Ribbon Cutting: Karmuh Kitchen - City of RSM will handle ceremonies

8/24 - Chamber Social - moved to Casa Ranchero in Ladera Ranch

We welcome the resurrection of the new Rancho Santa Margarita Chamber of Commerce and wish the RSM business community a successful 2017. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at president@laderaranchochamber.org

-Board of Directors

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